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Bathroom Renovation Services

Renovating any room in the house requires careful planning, especially the bathroom which is one of the main active rooms in the household, so it’s important to invest extra time and planning for renovating bathrooms. Our team of expert Renovators and Architects can provide a streamline bathroom design to ensure that it suits your bathroom structure perfectly and can work around your requirements with minimal interruptions.

bathroom planning discussion

Planning for renovating bathrooms

Once you make contact with us, a Design Consultant team member will advise you
 face to face and discuss your plans.

Bathroom drawing planning

Bringing Out the Best in Bathrooms

Our bathrooms can be designed by a highly experienced Architect and with teams of high-quality Craftsmen and Tradesmen to ensure a luxurious outcome.

Bathroom underconstruction

Bathroom under construction

Our Project Management team are always ready to explain to you the timelines, build process and what’s required. For any further questions you can read our ‘F&Qs page.’

Bathroom Finshed

Time and planning for renovating

We understand the importance of bathrooms, that’s why our team of expert Renovators keep a tight integrated process in making sure it’s finished on time.

Once your bathroom is completed your assigned Project Manager will check and test all items installed and check the finished bathroom passes our strict high quality standards. 
After our Project Manager is satisfied, we will ask you to view and approve the completion of your new bathroom.

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Aquaruis Bathroom Renovations
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